About Reckless Ham

Reckless Ham is not a food blog. That means that you don't get my entire life's story before each recipe, and it doesn't contain pop-up ads or auto-playing videos.

This is my virtual recipe box so I don't lose my recipes. It also lets me be lazy and not figure out what ingredients I need for dinner until I'm already at the grocery store.

Sometimes I use it to share recipes with friends and family. If you're not my friends or family, I can't offer any guarantees about the recipes, but feel free to use them anyway (at your own risk).

If you don't like this site, there is not a comments section to complain. (Again, I'm lazy.) But you can send me an email or open an issue on GitHub.

About Me

Me with robots

The food blogs that have a page on writing "About Me" sections for food blogs says I should include the following information, so that you trust me:

Photo: See Figure 1. Apparently I don't have a picture of me with food, so here's one of me with robots. (LPT: don't eat robots.)

Name: Julia Ebert, procrastinating student and robot herder.

Qualifications: For baking, cooking, and writing recipes? None. I do have two masters degrees and am currently a PhD candidate in computer science at Harvard, but that's more relevant to my ability to manage the server for this website than the content I put on it. I don't have any relevant awards, and I haven't written any food-related books, but I did get a federal grant to fund my PhD, and I've published academic research papers. (Does that count for anything?)

Connections: If you're reading my recipes, you definitely want to know absolutely everything else about my life, however unrelated. So you really need links to my GitHub and my professional website. Sorry, Reckless Ham does not have a social media presence; as you might guess, I'm too lazy for that.

Links to my best content. Is any of it particularly good? Here's one that I just use a lot. Enjoy.

What makes this page ~unique~: I will never fill it with horrifying pop-up ads that make you want to throw your phone across the room. I will never ask to send you notifications or sign up for an email newsletter. Also, there's a lot of butter involved.